Sunday, January 11, 2009

Things Work Out & Things Are Good :]

Well, the paper went fine. Everything was handed in on time and I wasn't up half the night writing it. While we haven't gotten our papers beack yet, I feel pretty confident that I did well. There was very little informationto my element- no boiling/melting point, no physical properties, no color, no nothing- so there wasn't too much to say. Nothing I could be called out on really.
I love it when things just fall into place easily for you like this. We even got an extra day to work on it because a storm was coming through and we were let out early, and had a 2-hour delay the next day. Also, for once in my life, I wasn't scheduled to work . Luckkkk. And to think, I was panicing over this! Writing is my strong point, so I know the spelling/grammar was correct. The information (or lack thereof) may be the only thing to worry about. :)

This weekend I only worked on Saturday. I love not working! I used to be scheduled three weekdays per week without fail, then 24/7 on weekends. But since Christmas is over, and with this economy... but I'm not complaining. My friend Aldina's sister Romela had a party and I learned some sweet Bosnian dances haha. Well, I almost learned them; I still messed up frequently but, hey, I'm American, what can I say?

Down time is the best, especially after a crazy week. :)

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