Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Fine Art of Procrastination, As Perfected By Kate Patterson

Two weeks.

That is how long I was given to complete a 2-3 page paper on an element of my choice for my Physics class (I chose Rutherfordium). It is now one day until my district goes back to school from Christmas Break, and I have only printed a few pages of info on my subject.

I know quite well that I am hardly doing as hott as I should be in there (math a is rough subject for me), and that I should've used every possible free moment these past two weeks to complete the proper research and start composing the thesis and outline.

That being said, I have done nothing of the sort and while I lay awake at night fighting waves of anxiety at the thought I failing Physics, I still do nothing. There is absolutely no drive there. Even right this second, I know I should be working on it (Oh yeah, and I have a Graduation Project paper to complete as well, due soon) but still, I am still here. I am most resolved to finish my work when I am absolutely in no way at all to do it; like when I'm at work, far, far away from a computer, or in bed.

To be fair, to myself, my 20-year-old brother Colton was home these past weeks visiting from the Marines, and I didn't want to miss a second of his stay. But the paper is still so important that I can't really give myself and excuse. Maybe I'm just tired; burntout, even. Who knows...

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